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A set consisting of a LED counter (one line) and control software.

The screen itself counts down the time from individual production cycles, the counter switches to pre-set programs / sequences depending on the connected switch. Types of switches are:

Magnetic switch – when two magnetic elements close (for example when closing the door),

Laser switch – at the laser intersection (mounted in the label dispenser, where the employee’s hand starts the program change).


The software provided allows you to set programs (the time from which it will be deducted) and combine them into a sequence. When the above mentioned sphincter is used to change the program, it will be selected from the list of currently set sequences.

The counter also counts down with negative values ​​and records the time of each program change. This gives you the ability to generate statistics that show how much time employees exceed at what program.


The control panel is delivered via a browser and provides the possibility of live administration of LED panels. The functionalities include:

1. Program switching (front, back),
2. Setting the current program,
3. Changing the current sequence,
4. “Pause” – stops the counter operation,
5. Editing / Adding / Deleting a program / sequence

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