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Symfony is a PHP framework for web applications based on the MVC design pattern. Released on the X11 license, it is included in free software, thanks to its features and documentation it has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks.

Symfony uses many existing open-source projects such as doctrine, phpunit, twig or swift mailer. Symfony helps you organize the code better and allows developers to increase productivity by speeding up the creation of the project. Symfony’s HTTP-oriented architecture provides access to advanced tools such as HTTP buforing supported by the Symfony HTTP internal cache or more advanced tools such as Varnish.

This framework aims to become the basic skeleton of API applications, but that does not mean that if someone is planning to create a large application, he should look for a different framework, symfony will also be fulfilled in this role

Symfony has a nice way to manage applications built on its base, called Symfony Flex. Flex automates most of tasks while working with the latest version of symfony, such as installing and removing bundles, and managing composer dependencies. Symfony flex is a composer plugin that modifies the behavior of „require” „update” and „remove” commands

Symfony is easy to install and configure on most of platforms.

It complies with the best standards and patterns of building web applications.

Facilitates the organization and readability of the code

Applications written in it work efficiently and quickly.

Symfony is constantly supported by SensioLabs, which includes an active community of programmers with many years of experience.

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