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Quality control are actions aimed primarily at checking and testing the final product or semi-finished products. The role of the people who carry out the control affects not only the quality of the final product and the reduction of the number of returns, but also the entire production process. Efficient operations that improve the quality of production are measurable benefits for the company in the short term.

The quality control system we have created enables efficient and fully automated task management within this department. The tool includes, among others:

  • ability to create any number of users and add roles to them,
  • assigning a person responsible for solving a given problem and persons monitoring the progress of works,
  • the entire history of activities performed that were carried out during corrective actions, adding attachments, comments,
  • Ishikawa diagram,
  • email notification system,
  • system of acceptance of applications,
  • creating any number of applications,
  • the system supports many languages.

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