UncategorizedCRM for the Work Agency - RC Cloud

Based on the OroCRM system which is a comprehensive solution for employment agencies. The solution equipped with such modules as:

• Invoices,
• Employees,
• Delegations,
• Reports and settlements (including delegations),
• Hotels / accommodation,
• Rates,
• Currency (more than one service),
• Contractors,
• Inversions,
• Potential customers,
• Marketing campaigns,
• E-mail / traditional mail,
• Cash documents,
• Various types of activities (notes, phone calls, mail),
• Offerings

Available modules allow for the circulation of accounting documents in the company. There are also built-in mechanisms that allow you to handle traditional mail (scanned letters). One of the key elements is the possibility of posting floats, this part of the system provides a constant preview of when and where our employees are and when they will be available again. Setting an employee’s and investment’s timeframe at a given time will automatically generate a settlement for a given delegation.
Each recorded time is marked as “work”, “sick leave”, etc., which allows for the exact calculation of the real amount expressed on the invoice.
The automatic flow of documents will allow the contractor to automatically notify the invoice and remind you to pay it.

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