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Angular is an open framework and platform for creating SPA (single page application), written in the typescript language, supported and developed by Google. Angular was planned as the 2nd version of the AngularJS framework, but design decisions made google choose to release it as a separate entity, i.a. due to lack of backward compatibility and a straightforward path of updating applications written in angularJS for angular 2.

The google plan was to achieve maximum speed in web platforms, its great advantage is that it is light and easy to maintain moreover the creators took care of high code standards and long-term support, making sure that angular will not be outdated soon.

The mobile angular approach improves the display of websites on mobile devices. Designed as a tool for creating progressive web apps, it allows you to create web applications that load the websites as usual, but also offers user functions such as push notifications, offline mode and other features traditionally available only for native mobile applications.

Components can be treated as small interface elements that are independent of each other. Imagine that you have a simple application with a list of items and an appropriate search field to find items through words. Moreover, it is very dynamic so it is a great choice for big and complex projects.

– It does not have unnecessary complexity, which leads to building better projects with less work.
-Thanks to the component approach, which causes repeated use of the code, construction products with angularly significantly reduce the time of product launch on the market
-It allows you to build progressive web applications

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